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Energy Markets Overview April 02 2012

Wholesale gas and electricity prices both gained a couple of percent on the week pushed higher mainly by a gas leak in the North Sea which forced closure of the Elgin gas field.
Wholesale gas prices and electricity prices are up by 20% and 11% respectively from their opening levels of 2012. Brent crude in GBP remains comfortably above its 2008 high. Continue reading

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EDF Price Hike…it could have been worse!

EDF Energy was today the first of the Big 6 energy suppliers to announce its second retail price hike of 2008.
The Bad News
Effective immediately (that is, as of today) EDF Energy gas only customers will see their gas bills up by £143 a year (+22%) to £784, their electricity bills up by £65 a year to £446 (+17%) and their Dual Fuel bills up by a whopping £204 a year to £1,190 (+21%).
The Good News
It could have been a lot worse. As we said in our update of last week, even a falling oil price environment was not going to save the consumer from another energy price hike. We said…. Continue reading

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