Feed In Tariffs and switching energy supplier – help!

We have had quite a few enquiries lately from customers with Feed-In-Tariff installations on their roof. ‘If we switch,’ the question goes, ‘what will happen to our Feed-In-Tariff?’
(For those of you who think that a Feed-In-Tariff is another way of ordering food in: The FIT scheme is a government subsidy for people who want to generate electricity from renewable sources, like solar panels. This subsidy is paid out by a supplier).
If you have an FIT installation, then the rules for switching are as follows: the Big 6 suppliers (British Gas, E.ON, EDF, npower, ScottishPower and SSE) must offer the FIT scheme, i.e. they will pay the owner of the feed-in installation for the energy it produces. For most customers, this will naturally be the same supplier that they buy their energy from. If a customer then switches to another of the Big 6 for the energy that they buy then the old supplier can ask this customer to switch their Feed In Tariff meter as well. This won’t affect the amount they get paid, because the FIT rates are set by the government, not the supplier.
If a customer wants to switch to a supplier that is not part of the FIT scheme (for example a smaller supplier like Ovo Energy) then the Big 6 supplier that looks after the FIT installation cannot ask this customer to switch – the FIT remains with the same company.
If that’s not clear – please feel free to ask by entering your question below. And if it is clear: you’re welcome and you can switch by clicking here!

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