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We win Finance Website of the Year! won the Good Web Guide Website of the Year Award in the Finance category last night. We are the Website of the Year. Us!
Boy are we proud today. And a little dazed. And certainly a bit hung over.
Here is a snap of the team last night when we were still sober-ish.
The Three Musketeers of Energy Switching!
We wanted the new site to set benchmarks in ease-of-use and content richness. This prestigious prize is a big Thumbs Up for us.
A ton of thanks goes to our friends at D3R for lending us a big hand.
OK, we’re choking up now. Time to end this post.

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npower application issues Nov 2012


npower have told us this morning that the recent backlog of applications has been cleared as of last night. Customers who have switched in the last few weeks and who have yet to be contacted by npower should expect to receive their welcome packs shortly.
Please let us know if you are still waiting to hear from npower in a few days!
UPDATE NOVEMBER 23RD: Although applications are reportedly (by npower) getting processed there remains a bottleneck in sending out welcome packs. We will update this post as we receive more information.
UPDATE NOVEMBER 27TH. No further news from npower about the resolution of this problem except that “we are working on it”. We do understand from a number of customer emails and phone calls that welcome packs have still not been received.
Following a conference call with senior npower representatives, we have been asked to disseminate the following statement:

“If you have recently switched to npower, you may have seen a delay in receiving your welcome pack. We are working closely with npower to ensure that all customers are made aware of this issue. In the meantime, we’re pleased to tell you that your supply is in the process of being switched and that npower will be in touch with you soon about confirming your agreement and your new account details.
You do not need to do anything, however if you would like to discuss this matter further, please call npower on 0800 073 3000.”

We have received the following verbal reassurances from npower:

    1) Applications are proceeding.
    2) Welcome packs will be generated and sent out by the middle of next week [week commencing December 03rd].
    3) Customers wishing to cancel anyway can do so, even if their application was made more than two weeks ago (2 weeks is npower’s ‘cooling-off’ period’)

Based on what we have heard we do hope that npower have indeed now taken the necessary steps to move on from here.
The following npower update was provided by email today:

  • All welcome packs are now ready and we are part-way through sending these out.
  • By Monday [10th December] we will have sent out all outstanding welcome letters.
  • All customers should therefore receive their packs by the mid-part of next week [week commencing December 10th].
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Feed In Tariffs and switching energy supplier – help!

We have had quite a few enquiries lately from customers with Feed-In-Tariff installations on their roof. ‘If we switch,’ the question goes, ‘what will happen to our Feed-In-Tariff?’
(For those of you who think that a Feed-In-Tariff is another way of ordering food in: The FIT scheme is a government subsidy for people who want to generate electricity from renewable sources, like solar panels. This subsidy is paid out by a supplier). Continue reading

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