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Doorstep Energy Salespeople…Handle with Extreme Caution

From today (18 January 2010) energy suppliers will need to provide customers with written estimates before any direct sales are concluded. This is designed to help customers compare the tariff they have been offered with their current deal.
The move comes in response to Ofgem’s Energy Supply Probe. A survey for Ofgem’s probe showed that more than one in two people switching did so in response to contact with a salesperson. However, the survey found that many who switch on the doorstep inadvertently move to more expensive tariffs perhaps because they are misled or unable to accurately compare tariffs. Staggeringly, the Ofgem survey found that 48% of gas switchers and 42% of electricity switchers ended up paying more as a result of a direct sales approach. Even worse, the survey found that vulnerable and prepayment meter consumers are more likely to switch via this route and so were particularly disadvantaged. Continue reading

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